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Our History
On 3rd of November, 2010 a Swiss capital legal entity UAB “Dominari” was registered in the Alytus Branch of the Register of Legal Entities. That is the day the history of our Company began and it has been successfully going on for a decade.
On 15th of November, we took a second important step – we moved our headquarters from Alytus to Šilagalys where we are operating up to now. Šilagalys is located next to the road Via Baltica, which provides a particularly convenient connection with many European cities, making it a strategically convenient place to develop our activities.
Thanks to the successful growth of our Group companies, we started to expand actively - we started to produce wooden parts by ourselves, as well as established a sewing shop in Panevėžys. We also came to the idea to build two more industrial buildings, a new and modern furniture factory and a new foam factory with cutting-edge technologies, which surface area exceeds 40 thousand square meters.
Our idea turned into reality and two new industrial buildings, i.e. furniture factory and foam factory emerged at the Panevėžys bypass. At the end of 2017, the furniture factory started to operate actively, and the foam factory was launched in a pilot mode.
Due to the rapid development, we have opened our Company branches in Kaunas and Kupiškis, we have over 1,200 employers across Lithuania and are successfully expanding further.
At the moment, we have over 1,800 talented employees across Lithuania, more than 200 clients all over the world and we are among the fastest growing and expanding furniture manufacturers both in the Baltic States and throughout Eastern Europe. This year we have celebrated our 10th birthday!



Over nearly a decade, we have come to know the trends in the soft furniture market and have selected the most reliable suppliers to ensure that our manufacturing processes use the most innovative materials. In order to remain competitive in the market and satisfy even the most demanding customer needs, we are constantly looking for new manufacturing solutions and exclusive design options.

Our goal – to manufacture high-quality products which fully satisfy the needs of our clients.

Our vision – to continuously improve the quality of our products and services and to remain the fashionable, attractive and progressive furniture manufacturing company.

Our mission – to create life.

Our strength – professional and competent professionals in their fields, flexible manufacturing capabilities, and loyal customers.


Social responsibility, faith in family and fundamental family values, such as love, trust, respect, devotion, dialogue, and constant creativity are very important to us. That’s why we contribute to the development of our community’s cultural and sporting events every year, supporting cultural and social events around us.




Certificates and Licenses:

Nordic Ecolabel License FSC® C124670 Chain of Custody Certification STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX®

CertiPUR Recognition of Approval

  • UAB „Dominari“
  • Panevėžio aplinkl. 13,
    Šilagalio k., Panevėžio r. sav.,
    LT-36220 LITHUANIA

    +370 45 45 40 14
    GPS 55.674512, 24.338859

  • UAB „Dominari logistika“
  • Panevėžio aplinkl. 13,
    Šilagalio k., Panevėžio r. sav.,
    LT-36220 LITHUANIA

    +370 45 45 40 14
    GPS 55.669001, 24.347666

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